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Independent Role Play Blog for Derek Hale from MTV's Teen Wolf. This blog is multi-verse, multi-ship, and all fandom friendly, and allows many forms of play.

The player is over 21 and open to plot with anyone. Posts considered nsfw or triggering will be tagged, but likely, not under cuts.

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"Your porn name would be the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on. What would your porn name be?" +



Yeah, he confirmed it at the convention that he’s doing the Richard Linklater movie. :D

HELP ME. Fuck. Wait a sec. Will this conflict with Teen Wolf shooting??? Bc I’m so down for him doing things that involve him having to leave that shit ass show. 

Nope. This film is shooting from October 7th to November 22nd. Teen Wolf isn’t supposed to pick up shooting again until December. So, he and Dylan should both be done by then with the Richard Linklater movie and The Scorch Trials respectively.


wolfspirals yooooo is that the movie that’s the ‘dazed and confused’ sequel or?? Because that’s not the name on his IMDB page and yeah. Like we know it’s the sequel and all but that name is wrog right? HELP HE’S GONNA BE WORKING WITH RICHARD LINKLATER IM GOING TO DIE

Yeah, he confirmed it at the convention that he’s doing the Richard Linklater movie. :D

Tyler Hoechlin as Kaleb in Open Gate - Part 3 of ??

JR Bourne: [Your impression of me] makes me sound like such a stoner. (x)


Hey, all! Several people have expressed interest in getting samplers of my teas for The Maze Runner series from adagioteas and so, I’m going to gather what tea I have remaining and make up sampler sets for a sale and giveaway.

Tea Giveaway Rules & Guidelines

Tea Giveaway Prizes

Tea Sale Guidelines

Tea Availability

All 12 teas are available on the Adagio fandom page and can be purchased directly from them if you would prefer. If you would like to see them as an Adagio Sampler Set, please send a message to adagioteas on Tumblr and let them know!

The Teas: Builder | Butcher | CookCrankFrypanGlader | GreenieGrieverKeeperRunnerShankTrack-Hoe

Previous Adagio customers may join the Adagio fandom for The Maze Runner by answering the questions on this quiz. Finally, NEW Adagio customers may contact me on Tumblr or via email if you would like to receive a free $5 gift certificate for your first Adagio purchase.

That is all. Good luck!

For fuck’s sake. I don’t know whether to write up how various types of fan-run and company-run conventions work so I can point out that whether or not Hoechlin is going to sign something is completely out of his hands, or just sit here and block all of the idiots in his tag.

GIF-ing the entirety of Hoechlin in Open Gate is my project for the week